Reversi or Othello is a well known board game. It`s easy to play, but a challenge to win - and really this version is a challenge.

The board consists of 8x8 fields; the two players alternately put white and black stones onto the board. Your goal is to have the most stones at the end of the game. To do so, directly enclose your opponent horizontally, vertically or diagonally. All surrounded stones become yours - change to your colour. If you cannot surround stones, you have to pass. The game ends if the board is full or you and the computer have to pass.
The program individually fits board size to your Phone`s screen size. You can use 2,4,6,8 or joystick to move the cursor, press 5 or fire (on some Nokia phones the 'green phone key') to place your stone - or easily use your touchscreen.
Some features:
• 6 different levels (Weak, Moderate, Normal, Good, Strong and Hard, the "Normal" level was tested in 2005 with many other Phone Reversi Games without losing)
• shows your valid moves (optional)
• shows last move by AI
• animated stones (optional)
• first move for AI or player
• really quick calculation and strong AI (probably the strongest 'j2me' you can get;-))
• shows timebar during calculation
• board, stones and colours work on all screens and different phones
• really compact and efficient code
New in version 1.1:
• touchscreen support
• saving of adjustments
New in version 1.2:
• correct board/start position (black starts, second white)
• shows the name of the recognized opening and the played sequence (menu - 'Last Sequence')
• use of opening book (menu - 'Play Opening Book')
• saves/loads the last game
• complete undo function for moves
• extra 'SET' Button for touchscreens (hit and set, menu - 'SET Button')
Some new extra features (same version, but newer release):
• new icon (for different screen sizes)
• extra 'button menu' for quick buttons like SET, UNDO, EXIT
• '*' (Star) Key to undo moves (for phones with keypad)
• now messagebox if 'passing AI' and 'Move once more' is disabled
• changed stone animation speed (quicker - if screensize is bigger, it was slow on some phones)
• rotates board if phone (and java engine) supports screen rotation
Don`t forget - the number of stones in the middle of the game has nothing in common with the number of stones at the end!